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No Pressure.

September 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

I’ve had this address for four years now. I’ve done nothing with it. I’d forgotten about it. I started it impulsively. It didn’t even *grow* out of anything. Sure, there was a phone call with my sister in Los Angeles, some wine most likely, foolish chatter no doubt.

Wouldn’t it be funny? Probably started that way.

Would people pay for wisdom? How? Why? Of course they would. They do. We do. I do.

Just now, I did a Google search for ‘price of wisdom’ and this is where I landed. “Welcome to the Happy Home of The Price of Wisdom. Turns out the site belongs to Dr. James McMahon, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Teacher, who even wrote a book, The Price of Wisdom: the heroic struggle to become a person. He argues that we need to “disentangle our selves” from past influences to find ourselves. Along the way, we’ll pay the price of “pain and fear that sometimes comes from looking at these issues straight in the eye.” Wisdom is the reward of “seeing life and the world through your own eyes, and the joy and happiness that often accompanies that accomplishment.”

I’m not his target audience. But you might be. I have enough to read. I started a new job last month. I shouldn’t even be doing this. 5:15am. I have to be up in two hours and go to work.

The price I’m paying right now for Wisdom? Sleep.