November 3, 2013 — 1 Comment

About a week ago, an irresistible creative outlet came into my life. NaNoWriMo. My JUST SAY NO List pleaded with me to ignore this NaNoWriMo and its tantalizing challenge. One month, this month, November 1 – 30, write a novel, 50,000 words. In the end, the desire to participate was too overwhelming. I succumbed.


I’ve made a career of being an acquisitions editor, coaxing (some have described it as gently bullying) my authors into developing stronger positions, urging them to push, reminding them to stay focused on that very slippery line: Is it worth the digression? And to make the deadline. Always.

Now’s it’s time for me to put up or shut up… practice what I’ve been preaching.

To put up (literally) I added a Word Counter widget to this blog to show you, my 13 followers, my progress. (Hopefully, I’ll never have to refer to it as my Slacker Meter.)

What do I preach? Start with what you love.

True Crime Science Fiction Fantasy Paranormal Flying Food. Young Adult? That’s a “We’ll see” since I like Erotica, too. These are genres I love. Okay. Well then.

Full throttle, Price of Wisdom. GO!


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