January 8, 2014 — 2 Comments


Seems I’m not updating fast enough for the digital world. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the things my friends are using that can only be accessed with an iPhone or an OS that’s newer than what I’ve got on my first generation iPad and Macbook. It’s a *Pro* but maybe not pro enough to see some pictures a friend took during her baby shower.

She created a photostream using iCloud. But to subscribe to her photo stream, this is what I need: …to be signed in to iCloud on:

an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 6 or later, or
a Mac with OS X 10.8.2 or later and iPhoto 9.4 or Aperture 3.4 or later

I’ve resisted adopting and updating and swapping out the old for something newer and faster for a zillion reasons–the hassle, cost, lots of reasons. And anyhow, my laptop and mobile devices work *most of the time* and for my purposes just fine.

I’m going to be missing out on seeing her photos. But I’ve decided I’d rather spend my time–it’s precious–elsewhere. Updates can wait. There will always be something new…

Don’t get me started on built-in obsolescence. Or our culture of dispensability. That’s for later too–a To Be Continued discussion that could and will go on forever.


2 responses to iCloudy


    Amen sista! Your post made me laugh…and cry a little. I can’t access the baby shower pics either! iCloud is a walled garden for sure. No photos for us on the outside. Damn it! Ah well, we will always have our memories of a beautiful day. xx

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