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February 10, 2014 — Leave a comment

DUDE I WANT THAT dot com inspired this post.


Yes please. Dude, I really want that Bubble Tank by Psalt Design.

I’ve chosen a life that doesn’t support a commitment to living with a cat or dog. But recently, I’ve been seriously considering bringing fishies into my home to keep my airplants company. But the price tag of this fish tank was a disappointment and it seems that the company is based in the UK. I’m still considering getting fishies but of course now I have to find something as or more whimsical than the Bubble Tank. Briefly disappointed, but, what else? What else does Dude have to offer?

Reverse Peephole Viewers!

DudeIWantThat claimed (with a critically wagging finger) that reverse peephole viewers could be purchased on, and I checked and, lo’ and behold, there’s a whole buffet of models for the peeping inclined.

reverse peephole viewer

And now, here I am, wondering how the internet and social media practices and social networking culture have changed our voyeurism habits. Do people in urban settings still have binoculars and peek (peep) into the lives of strangers across the way? Or are they doing something else now with the technology that we have available?

I googled voyeurism + social media + infographic, pushed the magic button, and Social Media Today‘s link to Narcissism and The Selfie Phenomenon Infographic ranked at the top of the search. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

According to Brian Wallace, who wrote the SMT piece, social media may be the main suspect for turning us all into self-absorbed narcissists who “tend to dismiss, negate or ignore the concerns of others […] to believe they’re above the rules […] hate taking criticism or responsibility—and […] typically get angry or irritated very easily.” Them is fighting words!

He goes on to say “according to credible studies” that “those who are very active on Facebook and Twitter tend to have narcissistic or insecure personalities [and] in many cases, those who frequently update Facebook statuses or post Tweets are doing it to glorify themselves.”

The article closes with a question: Do you think narcissism is an inevitable reaction to our social networking culture? Please share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to check out the infographic below to learn more.


Well, going back to my original question about voyeurism and what people are doing these days. Throw in narcissism and selfies. What comes out of the pot? Wickr, the “adult version of SnapChat.”

Wickr is a self-destructing messaging app that allows you to “set the countdown timer on your messages (as short as a few seconds, as long as six days), send them to…recipients, then watch as they blow up with a cool animated explosion on the screen when the clock runs down.” And BONUS: “Wickr isn’t strictly for text communication, it supports photo, video and audio as well….Some municipal governments have been using the app’s audio feature to function as an encrypted radio system for emergency workers, local government employees, and the like. This is traditionally a very costly thing to set up, but it’s free inside of Wickr.”

Wickr: Dude I might Want That.

Oh, and the infographic? What would my comment be? Well, you know how when you add <in bed> to the end of fortune cookies, it changes the nature of the message? Well, this is how I see this infographic. I swapped out [social media] with [money] and the infographic still made sense, though it took on a slightly cynical tone. Finished with <in bed> and it turned into farce.


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