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Some people head to church. Others meditate. Lift weights at the gym. Go for a long run. Watch a movie. Read a novel. Crochet. Fly. Garden. Golf. Have sex…

All perfectly acceptable activities in what would otherwise be a wickedly work-infatuated world. Tense knotted shoulders. Clenched teeth. We’d be an ugly lot without them.

So last night, which was prefaced by an inordinately long stretch of work, poor food choices, and overall neglect of my mental and physical well-being–granted, some unavoidable–only this one activity could’ve possibly rendered the results I experienced. Last night, after a wonderful schvitz at my favorite bath house, this was me.

puffballHappy Wednesday, world!


iPod Shuffle

July 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

Seems when you’re enveloped in uncontrollable sadness the worst-best thing is to listen to music. It magnifies. Draws you in. Can the same be said about elation. Not sure. When I’m happy, I want to engage with the world. Frolic. Dance. Drink. Play. See.

Sadness is a different beast. At least for me.

My iPod’s on shuffle mode. It Takes a Thief is blasting. I’m ambivalent about Thievery Corporation. Yet, as a friend often describes his unexplainable bouts of emotion, my eyes haven’t stopped leaking since I turned the blasted iPod on.

Yet I can’t. Don’t want. To turn it off.

Maybe it’s quiet that magnifies sadness. And music is company. Distraction.

No. That’s not it. Right. It magnifies. Pushing.

The faster the pain, the faster the healing.