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Turn it on

May 17, 2015 — Leave a comment

I’ve been getting these little video nuggets of golf wisdom and the Square to Square method from Doug Tewell: 8 Golf Myths.

He sends them to my email.

Today I received Myth 5: Turning the Club Head

“Do you turn it off?” the subject line reads.

And in the body of the email:

“If you’ve been turning the club off in your follow-through, then this video is for you.”

Surely Mr. Tewell wasn’t intending to inspire deep reflection about my life and my head based on this phrase or the position of my club head. But he did.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

In golf, as in life, sometimes you don’t even realize that it’s off. That you’ve turned it off.

Yes, consider how it turned off in the first place. But don’t dwell on it.


Focus and turn it back on.

All of it. Maximum power. Full-bore.

Not later.

Not soon.




Calm again

May 19, 2014 — Leave a comment

There’s something wonderful that happens when we reach the end of a process. It’s the breathing. I finally breathe. Big gulps of air. And seeing. You see things that were there (maybe) but you didn’t before notice. I’ve not come to this after having experienced a profound life-altering situation or the completion of a milestone decades long project. It’s the weather. The weather this weekend brought me here. After this long cold stretch, winter–so greedy, ruthless, and relentless in its encroachment on spring’s domain–finally retreated, and the glorious blue skies and warm weather enveloped me. My mood, so good.

I felt compelled to be out and about. Friday night, I had the privilege of special company; we dr(u)nk whiskey and gorged on delicious Arturo’s pizza while enjoying a private performance by Erik Frandsen. Then a lazy wake-up, stroll, and brunch al fresco followed by a beautiful golf outing with a gorgeous boy, and a Sunday on the roof, celebrating a friend’s birthday as the sun set.



Finally… renewal. It’s a sweet beginning.